Rural Finance - From Cash to Digital

Second webinar in the series, Decade of Change by RMAI, focused on rural finance.

Overview of the Decade (Fireside Chat)

An insightful #firesidechat putting spotlight on 'Overview of the Decade' that has been one of the most significant decades for low tiers and #ruralareas.

What can make us win - Digital or Phygital?

Either digital or physical, which model one should use to address rural consumers; or Phygital, a disruption model that unifies both?

How tech is enabling the last-mile reach?

The discussion was focused on how innovative strategies and solutions are enabling the last-mile reach possible for brands in the country.

The smart ways of communicating - 3Vs (Voice, Video & Vernacular)

The third webinar of the series was focused on the smart ways of communicating

What is the real rural growth story?

Is rural greatly impacted by the pandemic or there is no impact on rural growth? Why rural is important for new India?

Defining & prioritizing your Rural Landscape

This webinar discussed cross pollination of ideas to leverage cracking the Rural Code better.

Rural Transportation post this Pandemic

The webinar was focused on the Rural Transportation with eminent speakers from KSRTC & KTC

Unlocking Agro & Allied Sectors post lockdown

The webinar was focused on the Agro and allied sectors.

Time to Rethink Rural

The webinar was focused on the corporate point of view for rural India on topic of, 'Time to Rethink Rural'.